Angelina Jolie stars in drugs den video

Seems Amy and Pete aren't the only celebs to have riled animal lovers in the past. Angelina Jolie, self styled UN ambassador and model MILF, has talked about harming animals and doing class A's in a video of a 23 year old Angelina in a drugs den.

During the clip Ange talks about having accidentally killed some of her ex pets, including a hamster which she took into the shower with her only for it to later die of pneumonia, a pet mouse she painted blue (killing it in the process), and some lizards she left out in the sun for too long - which later fried.

The National Enquirer were reportedly offered $70,000 for a 'drug tape' of Ange recently - and many presumed this video was it. In fact in The Sun video Ange doesn't do any drugs, but talks about having done "coke, heroin, ecstasy, LSD, everything" in the past, while sitting next to a woman smoking heroin.

Ange also talks about a love of sex games, especially ones where people get hurt - thats "just a cool thing" says Ange taking a long drag on her ciggy and rolling her eyes.

As far as damaging videos go...this is pretty bad. Especially for a self styled UN ambsassador. However we're sure with a teary apology (low budget - posted on You Tube) as well as the birth of some spectacularly beautiful twins shortly, Brange will ride the storm.

And if the UN do kick Ange out she could always switch alliance and start helping drug addicts - just like another one woman warrior we know.......

Ange's 'drug den' video

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