Angelina faints on plane

Deep vain thrombosis it was not, as Angelina Jolie passed out yesterday on a flight between Iraq and Los Angeles. Nervous passengers looked on helplessly at 40,000 feet as Angelina suffered from cramps and nosebleeds. Soon after, she fainted in her seat - which is when alarm bells really started ringing. And no, not just the buzzer to call the Nanny. The proper one that means there's actually something wrong!

So why the blackout? A rotten in flight meal? Not likely. Mz Jolie feasting on the same freeze dried fodder as the masses?! More like an evil bout of mid air morning sickness. If the twin rumours are true Brangelina could very soon be the owners of a whopping six kids. (Double trouble is the only way to go in Sillywood at the mo)

So here's hoping alls well with the Brangelina babies. And with the reported up coming nuptials...and up coming 100 million dollar pre nuptials. Whoever said romance is dead. Was very right.

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