Angelina and the mystery of the ribbon lift

As the Most Beautiful Creature Who Has Ever Stalked The Earth (TM), we never thought Angelina Jolie would succumb to the allure of the surgeon's scalpel. But alas, according to People, that's exactly what's happened. Ange has been spotted in Venice with a suspiciously taut neck which suggests she may have had the 'ribbon lift', a procedure that Madonna is apparently partial to.

Plastic surgeon Abel Mounir commented to People, 'It looks as though she's received the ribbon treatment from the gathering of skin just below her earlobe.

But the picture makes it look as though the fixed mechanism of the ribbon has snapped, resulting in the U-shaped indent under the skin. Even if she has not had the ribbon facelift specifically, it appears she has definitely had some minimal invasive surgery done.'

An eagle eyed (and somewhat judgemental) tourist in Venice said: 'She looked very, very odd. She is usually flawless but the marks are very peculiar. The two prongs of skin have been stretched off her face towards her neck. She certainly looks like she's feeling the strain over something.'

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