Ange adopting a Syrian baby?

Apparently yes. Angelina has been shopping in Syria for a seventh baby to complete her 'rainbow family'. Brad has been absent from papshots. (Er, maybe he doesn't want a seventh child just yet? He did go from none to six in the space of a week.....) Well tough. What Ange wants she gets. We give it a week until she's papped disembarking a Syrian Airways plane with a baby under her arm.

Whether it's morally right for stinking rich celebrities to strongarm governments into wavering normal adoption regulations really isn't the point. (Remember how quickly Madonna got the rejection for the adoption of Mercy James overturned?) And whether Angelina could spend $200 million pulling a whole impoverished country out of debt rather than just one lucky child, really isn't either: the celebrity adoption juggernaut is the most fashionable vehicle in the land.

Who'll be hopping on the crowded bandwagon next? Jennifer Aniston? If she adopted alone - without a Brad in the background changing dirty nappies - it might even upstage Ange. Come on Jen, get your people to call Syria's people... pip Ange at the post...

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