Andrew Sachs to appear on Friday Night with Jonathon Ross?

Looks like Jonathan Ross will have a rare but just reason to be sycophantic to one of his guests, if reports that Andrew Sachs is to appear on his TV chat show in the New Year are true.

According to an, ahem ‘source’ in The Mirror; "He (Woss) believes that by having him (Sachs) on the show, he will draw a line under this whole sorry affair."

When Manuel actor Sachs, was asked if he would like to be a guest on the BBC1 show he repeatedly squealed “que” in a Spanish accent, but once he understood the question said "I've got an open mind about things like that."

*If you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last two weeks and missed the Waiter-gate media-poo-storm; a couple of numpties complained about Andrew Sachs dressing as a 'satanic slut' and making obscene phone calls to Russell Brand on Jonathan Ross’ Radio 2 show. Or something like that.

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