Andre up for Kerry

Peter Andre's New column is fast becoming his modus operandus for communicating with the world. He smoothed over an illicit one night bonk by scribbling an apology in the mag. He also used the column to spell it out to Jordan that it was over, and express his annoyance at her parenting techniques. And now he's used it to put the full force of his weight behind the beleaguered Kerry Katona.

In this week's column the single celebrity dad says that Kezza has a 'good heart' and shouldn't be judged by her many tabloid hiccups. If only people could see the real Kerry at home with her kids, they'd realise she was a good egg.

In a particularly formal statement, Peter said: 'I'm so glad that Kerry Katona has signed to my management as it means I get to catch up with her. She came to one of my concerts with her mum in Manchester and they had a brilliant time. I first met her in the jungle, but we lost contact, so it's great to see her again. I don't like it when people slag her off. If you could see her with her children, you would know she has a good heart.'

We're sure she's a lovely mum and all Pete, but she was papped tucking into some cocaine at home as well allowing that no good Crofty to hang around for so long. So, don't speak too soon.

On second thoughts - do, you could always retract it in next week's column...

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