And the TV Personality of 2009 goes to...

When David Beckham won ’Sports Personality Of The Year' there were jokes going round that he would have give it back because he hadn't got a personality. Well it’s delightful to see that the bods behind the prestigious ‘Ultimate TV Personality of 2009’ (who makes these things up?) haven't made that same mistake; they have awarded the title to Dannii Minogue.

According to the Press Association, there was a ceremony at a posh hotel in London last night, and Dannie herself popped along to say a few words and collect her gong.

"When you're having a good time both at work and in your love life, I guess it shows on your face. And it shows even more given that it follows on from some difficult situations last year.”

"You get into a black hole, thinking nothing will ever be the same and you'll never be happy again, but then good things happen and you finally re-emerge. I'm amazed at my own good fortune, and so grateful for it. I feel euphoric."

Everyone’s least favourite X-Factor judge showed no expression throughout. No jokes please, she hasn’t got a sense of humour either.

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