And the sexiest man alive....

It’s turning in to quite a day for movie mega star Johnny Depp. First it was reported that he was to become the highest paid actor in in Hollywood thanks to a £21 million offer to star in big screen flick 'Pirates Of The Caribbean 4', and now news has broken that he has been crowned ‘Sexiest Man Alive' by People magazine. Not a bad day at the office then.

Kate Coyne, the editor of People magazine told the Early Show on CBS that Johnny Depp is worthy of the accolade because of his ’iconic status in terms of sexiness’.

She added: "he was someone who was sexy ten years ago. He'll be sexy ten years from now. He's someone who appeals to multiple generations of women." (Ooh, someone's got a crush...)

John from John & Edward is said to be ‘heart broken' by the news.

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