Ancient history

So it may seem like decades ago that our former America's Sweethearts Pitt and Aniston were still a couple, but we'll still happily lap up some gossip about the pair. A new 'explosive' memoir, excitingly entitled, 'Confidential: The Life of Secret Agent Turned Hollywood Tycoon,' by Arnon Milchan, who produced Mr and Mrs Smith lifts the lid on what went on in the Brad 'n' Jen household during his affair with Angelina Jolie.

Michan told The Daily Mail, 'At first, Jen didn't believe he was involved with Angelina. She started asking around but no one would tell her anything because they were loyal to Brad, so she asked him point blank. He denied it. He eventually admitted he was in love with Angelina. Jen was furious and threw him out.'

According to the producer, after bring chucked out of his house by Jen, 'Brad drove each day to the set, and everywhere else, on a motorcycle and he wore a wraparound helmet with a tinted visor so no one would recognize him. He stayed with me for the duration of filming.'

Brangelina are still going strong, while Jen is seeing Hollywood actor and writer Justin Theroux.

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