An Inglorious leak!

Yes, Quentin Tarantino had a minor selfish period with his Grindhouse double bill, but ignoring people’s short term memory and thanks to a massive return to form with Inglourious Basterds he’s still one of the best all-round story tellers in Hollywood. So, when details of his next big screen project arises it's definitely worth taking serious note.

Titled 'Django Unchained', QT's next film has been described as a spaghetti western centring around a freed slave on a mission to get revenge on his ex-owners - isn't that the same plot to all his films? Tipped to play the lead antagonist is Will Smith, with favoured Tarantino actors Samuel L. Jackson and Christopher Waltz also in the running for major roles.

No official info is known, but it's expected to be filmed later this year with a 2012 release date. If you can’t wait till then, then details of the much anticipated movie including the full script can be found here WARNING! Contains spoilers, obviously!

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