An honest X Factor?

Is this the most honest X Factor yet? Jedward and their giant quiffs are still in the race, making what some people call a 'mockery' of the talent show. Others see it as an honest portrayal of a marketing driven format in which talent rarely triumphs. (Who could forget the Cheeky Girls....)

Simon Cowell serves up radioactive smiles and sly put-downs, but on Saturday's show even he admitted to admiring the twins' tenacity. We'll bet. This is a man who forged his career marketing the Teletubbies and Zig and Zag; he's probably already penned Jedward's future album with his own bare hands.

Who will keep Simon Cowell's evil twinasty from coming true? Danyl and Oly? They've got prepackaged looks and moves to match, but are they anything we haven't seen before? Stacy? She's a lovely girl but no Leona. Lloyd? Cheryl thinks he's a 'little popstar' - but can he cut it without his backing singers?

Jedward on the other hand can't sing, dance or even talk in time, but they can entertain. Imagine Simon's nuclear smile when they clinch Christmas number one?

In case you didn't catch it, relive Jedward's comedy rendition of Queen's We Will Rock You.

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