Amy’s new venture

So what did Amy Winehouse get up to this New Year’s Eve?  A wild party? A late night visit to the newsagents? A trip to jail?  Nope. She went scuba diving with sharks in the Caribbean. 

Yes, that’s right! Just when you thought there was nothing left she could surprise us with, Miss Winehouse turned out to be an outdoorsy type and went on a trip to the murky depths to party with her sub-aqua associates. (Finally, she’s found friends who can drink more than her…)

Did we mention she did all this with soft-rocker and all around nice guy, Bryan Adams? Don’t know about you, but for us the image of a beehived Winehouse swimming around the ocean floor and rocking out with Bryan is just bizarre.

Still, if it’s keeping her on an even keel (ha ha) we’re all for it… Coming to a swimming pool near you – underwater rehab…

(Image: from YouTube)

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