Amy's Kray-zy in love

Following the lead of arch feminists such as Sandie Bullock and Chezza Cole, Amy Winehouse has ditched her no-good beau (Blake Fielder-Civil, who is now languishing back in rehab) and has found a new gent. Amy's man goes by the name of Reg Traviss - you can tell by the extra 's' he'll be a good'un. Only problem is, he bears a striking resemblance to East End thug Reggie Kray - however, this is good news for Winehouse, as she can always use him as an extra in her music videos.

A talkative pal told The Sun, 'Amy really likes him. They've been seeing each other for a good few weeks now. He's a decent bloke with his feet firmly on the ground. He's cultured and talented and they talk and laugh about all sorts. And they are openly affectionate in front of friends and family now too.'

Brilliant work Amy - now your love life's sorted, and you've ditched manky old Blake, how about making some music?

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