Amy Winehouse’s onstage meltdown

After promising to stay sober for coming performances Ms Winehouse has gone back on her word. Downing drink after drink onstage, her performance in Zurich has been described by Swiss press as ‘50 minutes of tears, anguish and pain’.  Despite starting well, she rapidly deteriorated, finally left sobbing behind the mic, with trademark eyeliner running down her face.

After a string of sober shows in Germany and tabloid evidence of a seemingly healthier and more stable Amy, this is certainly a setback.  Despite clearly being troubled, many fans are not happy with her erratic performances and no-shows (a la Mr Doherty).

However, she and her people must think it’s her drunken performances and drug-fuelled hell-raising (not so much her critically acclaimed number 1 album) that are keeping her on the public’s radar.  Playing on her party-loving image, she is now releasing a line of pint glasses and ashtrays.

Does this question the accepted wisdom that there’s no such thing as bad publicity?

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