Amy Winehouse videoed snorting unknown substance

Oh that Amy Winehouse has been quiet recently hasn't she? It been weeks since that James Bond theme tune tiff, and months since a decent drugs bust. We were just beginning to think that she'd given up her tabloid ways and and relinquished her crown to "I didn't marry wasshisname for publicity, oh no" Peaches Geldof.

Winehouse must have realised her crown was slipping though. So it was the work of a moment to head to one of the Camden pubs that she infests like woodworm, play a short DJ set, and get videoed by the News of the World snorting an 'unknown substance' from a CD case.

Not a classic Amy Winehouse story then. It's missing any kind of a fracas, and at least one tearful reference to "my Blake" would have been nice, but it's good to see that she's not going to give up her tabloid fodder queen position without a fight.

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