Amy Winehouse to be agony aunt on poppa Mitch's radio show

As was revealed this week, Mitch Winehouse is going to be covering for Danny Baker in a one off slot on BBC Radio London. Well now it turns out gentle, level headed, wise old sage Amy Winehouse will be joining him as an agony aunt.

Amy will be popping into the studio to help Mitch out with the show and take questions from distressed callers on a range of agony aunt topics. Producers think there's noone better equipped in the world to give measured council on life's up and downs than La Winehouse.

"Amy has always been nifty with the advice. Although she often gets herself into pickles, she is very honest, very caring and very perceptive when it comes to dealing with other people's problems.Like the rest of us, she's sick of all her problems being on everyone else's lips and really wants to focus on other people for a change. It will work well, as long as listeners refrain from the obvious temptation of asking her questions about herself" said a Daily Star source.

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