Amy Winehouse starts mile high fight

There aren't many people who could say they enjoy being trapped in a giant metal bird at 40,000 feet, but it's save to say Amy Winehouse really doesn't enjoy it very much at all.

The Winemonster allegedly started on a fellow passenger during the plane ride back to Britain yesterday after she sprung a man 'looking at her funny'. (He was probably craning to see the telly and she got in the way.)

A Sun snitch said; “Amy went wild. She thought this guy was giving her strange looks and just lost it. She was nervous about coming back and seeing Blake so it didn’t take much to push her over the edge.”

Thankfully Amy didn't lower her head and go for a full on beehive charge. She got in with the rest of the flight like a good girl and declared upon arriving in London yesterday morning; “I love London more than anyone in the world.”

She has returned for one last ditch attempt at getting husband Blake Fielder Civil not to divorce her. Best of luck with that.......

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