Amy Winehouse : Rocking (ish) in Madrid

So Amy Winehouse was in Madrid at the Rock In Rio festival at the weekend, supping from a goblet of red wine, and critics say, sounding like a bad karaoke version of herself.

But we're going to stick our neck out and say the show was a big improvement on her previous Rock In Rio performance in Portugal. In fact it was a big improvement on any live show she's done in a while, including Glastonbury. Vocals weren't exactly spot on, and as usual her backing singers did the lion's share, but all in all she fared ok.

Check out Amy singing Back to Black in Madrid, then Amy staggering about mumbling in Portugal. If ever there was a more convincing argument for drugs and creativity not always making the snuggliest of bedfellows, it's her.

Amy Winehouse : Rock in Rio Madrid 2008
Amy Winehouse : Rock in Rio Portugal 2008

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