Amy Winehouse : more animal fun

Amy Winehouse has been making friends with a very different type of animal than the baby mice she and Pete Doherty befriended recently - this time a dead one.

Amy went for a stroll the other night in a trench coat and high heels, with nothing but a stuffed dead animal under her arm for company. Noone knows why. At one point she toppled over and grazed her knee when her 10 inch heels got too difficult to manouver....but lucky for her didn't flash her bits because......

.......The German press are now saying Amy wears nappies - after papping up her skirt on a night out and labelling what they saw underneath a Pampers. Looks like a frilly pair of knick knacks, or the wings of a pad to us. And what were they doing papping up there anyway? There's being a filthy pap and there's selling your soul to the media devil. And no, we're not linking to the pics.

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