Amy Winehouse: misses own birthday party because 'too ugly'

Amy Winehouse has been lying very low of late and in her own, typically direct way, she's revealed why; she feels 'too ugly'. Apparently Amy is suffering from a prolonged attack of ugly paranoia. The star has finally realised that drugs and booze aren't really very good for the looks afterall, and as a result she missed her own 25th birthday party on Saturday night on account of looking too rough.

According to The Sun, Amy's best friend Remi organised an intimate birthday bash for her pal at the After Dark Club in London, but when the cab turned up Wino refused to leave the house. 'I'm too f*cking ugly' she was heard ranting in front of the mirror leaving her 15 guests, including Mark Ronson, Adele and long suffering mum Janis to enjoy the party on their own.

There must be nothing nastier for a celebrity than realising their looks are fading due to their own bad behaviour; could this be the straw that finally breaks the camel's back and turns Amy back to good?

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