Amy Winehouse - loving the tabloids

So what’s Amy Winehouse’s favourite pastime? Visiting newsagents of course! Everyday we see new photos of Miss Winehouse going in and out of corner shops, buying sweets and newspapers, quite often in the early hours. But is it just us, or does anyone else think it’s strange that she keeps buying tabloid newspapers?

First of all, these are the same scandal sheets constantly admonishing her for her alleged drug use and late night escapades. One recently showed Amy allegedly smoking crack, which could have got her into aaaaall sorts of trouble. So we ask, why would she want to give money to the people who are already making tonnes of dosh out of snapping her in various less than flattering circumstances?

Secondly, why does Amy Winehouse bother buying them to read the news, when…erm…Amy Winehouse is the news? Surely she doesn’t need to read about what she’s been up to… Or does she?

(Image: from YouTube)

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