Amy Winehouse jets back into the UK

Amy Winehouse jetted back into the UK after six months on the Caribbean of St Lucia. The Back to Black singer looked fit and healthy when she arrived in Gatwick this morning though she promptly burst into tears after soon touching down.

Winehouse was quickly escorted to a waiting car and a spokesperson for the 25-year-old singer said she was delighted to be back in the UK despite the emotional scenes: "She's really happy to be back and can't wait to catch up with family and friends."

However, the troubled chanteuse is not back in London just to touch base with her relatives. She is due in Westminster Magistrates Court on 23 July to face accusations of assaulting Sherene Flash last September.

La Winehouse will then jet straight back to St Lucia to continue work on her next album. But it seems that not even the 25-year-old's music career can offer her any solace with Island Records reported to have rejected a number of the songs recorded to date.

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