Amy Winehouse confirmed at Glastonbury

Apparently Amy Winehouse has been confirmed as a 'very special guest' at Glastonbury. Special, because when she's not off her box, she's amazing. Very special, because getting her there on the night with all her faculties intact will be an 'extra special feat' - maybe even a pipedream.

Amy's scheduled to light up the Pyramid Stage just before Jay-Z takes to the floor - in a bid to smooth passage for the most controversial Glastonbury headliner to date.

Although Amy became a star of You Tube recently after being filmed looking high as a kite and talking to baby mice, Emily Eavis isn't worried. In fact if anything she's pretty chipper about the booking, and has 'every faith' that Amy will pull it out the bag on the night.

"I don't know how much is hot air from the press and how much is reality but she is pretty reliable actually. It's her personal life and no-one really knows the extent of what she's up to and I don't think it should be public knowledge.We all know she's a brilliant performer and I think that's what we should be focusing on" said Eavis. (BBC).

Nice sentiments - but if we were Emily Eavis we wouldn't be betting our whole festival on it!

Amy - Glastonbury 2007

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