Amy Winehouse - civilised night on the razz

Mid week shindigs are never a good idea if you have to be up for work the next day, but if you're Amy Winehouse, any day of the week is fair cop for a big one.

Well last night's night out is one of Amy's most epic benders to date. She started with all day drinking at her flat, followed by all night drinking and bar trashing with Babyshambles pal Mik Whitnall at a pub in Camden. (Where else?) The Sun say Amy then punched the patron of the pub for not giving her a go on the pool table quickly enough, before turning over tables, screaming at people to get out and snogging a mystery man. On her way home, she lowered her horns and rammed into a helpful bystander with her beehive. Ouch!

As if all that wasn't bad enough, Amy also short changed her cabbie and then walked into a lampost. Ouch again. The police were duly called and Winehouse could be arrested and facing charges of assault and damages to the pub premises, the punishment for which is 6 months in prison. Would that be a blessing in disguise?

Check out pics of Amy looking worse for wear

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