Amy Winehouse check out of rehab

We recently reported that Amy Winehouse’s latest album was ready for release, and that it was only her latest stint in rehab that was keeping the record company from releasing it. Well now the artist previously known as ‘Wino’ has come out of the Priory Clinic, so expect to here some news about the long-player very soon.

The ‘Back to Black’ singer went into the clinic late last month after she was assessed and told to stay to receive treatment for alcohol addiction. She left yesterday but will continue her treatment as an outpatient, so she can prepare for her European tour this summer.

‘Amy Winehouse has completed her assessment at the Priory Clinic in London and will continue as an outpatient,’ said her spokesman. ‘She is now looking forward to playing shows around Europe this summer and is raring to go.

‘She would like to send a huge thanks to her fans for the messages of support she has received over the last week and can't wait to see them.’

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