Amy trashes hotel room

Amy may have cleaned herself up, but now she might want to think about cleaning something else up – her room. Miss Winehouse reportedly trashed her hotel room at the Riverbank Plaza hotel where she has been staying for the past 3 weeks, causing over £3000 worth of damage.

Amy refused to let cleaners in throughout the duration of her stay at the hotel, where she has been ever since rehab, not wanting to return to her Bow home – the place, where she was filmed smoking crack. But despite Amy saying no-no-no to anyone entering the room, those stealthy cleaners cunningly waited for her to leave the room for the Brits before rushing in to sort out the pandemonium.

In the clean-up operation, which apparently took maids three hours, they had to scrub the hair-dye stained bath and then unblock the plughole, which was all clogged up with balls of matted hair! Yum!
Next on the agenda for the spring clean was to wipe up the mountain of ash from the floor, pick up dirty knickers and dispose of numerous empty bottles of champagne on the floor. 
Hmmm…It doesn’t sound that bad. A bit like our room really…

(Image: from YouTube)

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