Amy saves the day

Amy got in a spot of bother with the police yesterday. Why? The paparazzi forgot their manners. While trying to get that all important shot of the newly-blonde singer (don’t we have enough now?), a paparazzo shoved an innocent bystander almost knocking her off her feet. The gauche pap didn’t even say sorry.

Now Amy, not one for bad manners, took matters into her own hands. Winehouse shouted at the snapper and punched him, after which the police were called. No charges were brought against the singer – the officers presumably sympathised with Miss Winehouse and the rather dishevelled pedestrian. Could a punch from tiny Amy really have done much damage anyway? The paps are worse than footballers! Good job they didn’t have a run in with Bjork…

Who would’ve thought – Amy, the hero, standing up for wronged fans. Nice one!

(Image: from O2ma’s flickr stream)

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