Amy cleans up her act

Ah, nothing peps a girl up like a fistful of grammys and a night out of rehab. Just the ticket for Amy Winehouse who looks to be getting right back on track after the whole crack pipe, Amy Declinehouse debarcle of recent weeks.

Despite not making it all the way over the pond for the event, (even celebs can’t penetrate US borders) Amy belted out a couple of crowd pleasers via satellite including ‘You Know That I’m No good’ – (ironic given that she is now actually very good, but still.)

So tip top after only a few weeks in the nice hospital. Pretty good going even for a popstar. Could the good old days of Amy telling paying audiences to eff off cos she can’t be arsed to sing be over? Here’s hoping.

One person not so sure about the Winehouse reincarnation though is jailbird hubby Blake. Apparently he’s sweating bricks in the clink over whether Amy’ll still think him quite so interesting now she’s not so loved up on magic beans. We don’t reckon he’s got anything to worry about though – she wouldn’t dedicate her performance to ‘my Blake incarcerated’ if so. God love those kids eh.

So, flying the flag for British music - spanking good form Mz Winehouse. And we don’t say that just because we wanted to get the word spanking in somewhere. We really mean it. Nice one kidda!

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