Amy and Pete - getting it on?

Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty have been having so much fun looking muffled and mumbling and stumbling round London with each other recently, that folk are saying they're an item.

Amy cheered Pete on at his first post prison gig, then they were papped rolling about Camden, banjaxed and bloody.....Doherty made a drunken lunge which passed for a kiss, and now they're off to Pete's Wiltshire pad to make sweet music together. And Amy might have a crack pipe stuffed down her bra. Conical. (The Sun)

All things considered, it's not a good idea for these two to get it on, or spawn any offspring, or even share a cup of tea and biscuit. But in a funny way they're also peas from the same pod and might not actually be that bad together if they did shack up - they certainly have a lot in common.

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