Amy and Blake snuggle on Facebook

Love-struck Amy Winehouse has been caught smooching up to dastardly ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil on Facebook. A translator might be needed to confirm The Sun’s suspicions though, because the language they talk in seems to be complete jibberish. Check out what Wino scrawled at seven in the morning.

‘I found a picture of you three boys in our old bathroom - I fink you'll remember it. You're in the bath making Harry wash you (sic) hair and Fred's jus smokin a salmon, leant up against the sink. Cool as f***. Love you. X’

Even worse crimes against written English are committed by known evil-monster-taking-away-our-soulstress Blake, who really needs to be locked up again; this time by the Grammar Police.

‘Love you too innit and vairvair proud of youse, know dis lioness civilishous. X,’ he scribbled, before adding later that he’s kicked his drug problem. ‘Blizzle sizzle has got this no drugs ting boxed off. Turns out all I ever needed was a bit of self-respect an (sic) a bit of self-belief. Talking of self-respect I'm on Celebrity Come Dine With Me next week (He’s not, Channel 4 have said so - Ed).’

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