Amy and Blake mark 2

If the rumours are true, Amy Winehouse won’t be waking up alone tomorrow after Valentine’s night. Amy has been spotted out and about with another Blake – literally. She’s been spending an awful lot of time with photographer Blake Wood, while husband Blake Fielder-Civil is incarcerated.

The pair were apparently set up by mutual pal Kelly Osbourne and the two hit it off immediately. He could be a good bet to be the next Mr Winehouse because, unlike the other Blake, he is a clean-living veggie.

Miss Winehouse has vehemently denied the rumours that she is with the new Blake telling people that he is gay, but according to eyewitnesses at trendy Shoreditch House members bar, the two looked like more than just friends.

“Blake held her bag all night and was snuggled up behind her when she was in the DJ booth, putting his arms around her waist. When a romantic song came on she came out of the booth and slow danced with him. They were gazing into each other’s eyes.”

Hmm…he held her handbag all night… Nuff said.

(Image: from YouTube)

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