Amy 4 Oly

Amy Winehouse might not have done much in the way of music for a while, but she knows where she came from, and how soon she could go back there if it all went Pete Tong.

Amy defended X Factor finalist Stacey Solomon from Simon Cowell who called the X Factor finalist a 'wedding singer.' Amy's flappergum dad Mitch Winehouse (did he mention he's Amy's dad?) passed on his daughter's thoughts on his web show: 'Amy loves Stacey. The week before last, Amy did a wedding so what is she? She's a wedding singer as well! There's nothing wrong with Stacey being a wedding singer.' Mitch, you might talk waaay too much on occasion, but this time you've got a point.

Mitch also let slip that Amy has a schoolgirl crush on X Factor finalist Oly Mur (er, Mitch, now you're talking too much.) Not only a crush, Amy has real feelings for him, a bit like the ones she has for Stacey only stronger: 'She said to me, 'I love him dad'. She really likes his looks. He looks a bit like her old ex Alex.' (The assistant she bonked when Blake was inside.)

It would be nice if Amy shacked up with Oly, although we can't see him being that interesting: self styled cheeky chaps are ten to the dozen in the biz. But nice to see Amy's still got a roving eye, especially now she's back with Blake.... Boo.

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