'Amstell ruined it'

Every muso's favourite TV show, Never Mind the Buzzcocks has given us some wonderful moments over the years; who could forget Preston stomping off the set having been mercilessly picked on by Simon Amstell? But it transpires that the stars didn't quite enjoy the show as much as the viewers - Noel Fielding has criticised Amstell for scaring away celebrity guests, Mel B in particular.

Noel told The Sun,'She was terrified, like we were going to really rib her. The problem is, I think Amstell ruined it for everyone. Everyone thinks they'll get ripped to shreds.'

However, one star was singled out for praise - middle England favourite, Terry Wogan, 'He was the best host we've had. He was professional, funny, quicker than anyone else on the show. He shook everyone's hand, he knew everyone's name. It was pretty mind-blowing actually.'

So from 'Never Mind the Buzzcocks' to 'Never Mind the Gentle Teasing'?

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