Amazon sign up trio of former Top Gear presenters for new car show

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Amazon have stepped in and snapped up former Top Gear presenters and free agents Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond to host a new car show. The planned programme will air on Amazon's streaming TV service Amazon Prime which could suck in plenty of viewers from the Top Gear fanbase.

Clarkson beamed about his new appointment saying "I feel like I've climbed out of a biplane and into a spaceship." May also tweeted his delight with the message "Good news! I've got a job with @AmazonVideoUK. Bad news! So have the other two. #AmazonPrime #ItSaysHere" as did Hammond who said "I've got a job I've got a job I've got a job. Haircut, clean jeans and practice driving again. Forrrrwaaaaaaaard!!".

The trio ended their association with BBC's Top Gear franchise due to Clarkson's position becoming untenable after he punched producer Oisin Tymon. An inquiry into the altercation also revealed that Clarkson verbally abused Tymon for 30 minutes over an apparent lack of hot food.

The decision to sack Clarkson was not an easy one for the BBC as Top Gear generated upwards of £50 million in revenue each year for the network. May and Hammond stood down after Clarkson was dismissed and Amazon are the big winners after securing all three to host an unnamed show for the next 3 years with filming due to start in August.

Amazons Prime costs £79 per calendar year to subscribe to and allows users to stream a wide variety of quality TV shows and films. Customers also can avail of unlimited free cloud storage and 2-day Amazon deliveries as well as access to over 800,000 e-books Kindle Owner’s Lending Library.

As for the original Top Gear show, BBC are gearing up for a complete rebranding with Chris Evans set to lead the charge in capturing the audience's imagination. Recent rumours suggest that Formula One star Jenson Button could be joining Evans as a co-presenter adding some extra star appeal.

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