Amanda Holden: press to blame for Boyle meltdown

Amanda Holden has dismissed accusations that Susan Boyle was exploited by the makers of Britain's Got Talent. The reality show judge blamed the press for Ms Boyle's alleged meltdown.

Holden made the comments when appearing on CNN's Larry King Live claiming that Boyle was left rattled by "exaggerated stories" and "falsehoods" which appeared in the press during the build up to the Britain's Got Talent final last weekend.

"We are a very loyal show, we love Susan very much. All the contestants that appear on the show are extraordinarily well looked after," Holden told King. "She is getting the best support she could possibly be getting at the moment."

The TV judge pointed the finger of blame squarely in the direction of the media: "It was just in the last week that the downturn in press in our country I think maybe stressed her out a little bit and I think she was just quite upset by all the exaggerated stories and falsehoods that were written about her."

In other news, the Daily Record reports that Boyle has been asked to sing at the White House for Barack Obama on Independence Day. The Scottish singer is currently recovering from the strains of last Saturday's final at the Priory Clinic in London.

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