Al-sex Reid?

It's been quite the turnaround for cauliflower-eared Alex Reid. One moment he’s unknown to everyone apart from a select few Ultimate Fighting fans, the next he’s Katie Price’s latest arm-candy, detested by all forms of UK media, low and high-brow. Then comes a semi-likable appearance on Celebrity Big Brother and all is suddenly forgiven.

Since then, the tangoed BB champ has married on-off girlfriend Katie Price in a simple Las Vegas wedding. However, due to work commitments he can't enjoy the full pleasures of newly married life just yet.

According to the Daily Mail, TV producers at Bravo have insisted that Mr Price take a vow of abstinence and train on his own in India so he can focus on his forthcoming cage fight against Middleweight Ultimate Challenge World Champion Tom ‘Kong’ Watson’.

‘He has to be focused to win, and Jordan has been told she cannot come with him to India, so she is going to Los Angeles for work’, reports the newspaper's source. 'The production team are primed for Jordan to have a bit of a hissy fit though and fly out there anyway. It's not much of a honeymoon, that's for sure.'

Looks like 4 weeks spent inside the Big Brother house was a warm up for the big lad.

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