Allora, è finito

It appears that George Clooney might be even harder to drag down the aisle than our dear friend Simon Cowell; after two years of dating Italian starlet Elisabetta Canalis, the actor has apparently called it quits, thanks to Canalis' heavy hint-dropping about marriage.

Elisabetta had previously told Chi, an Italian gossip magazine, that she was comfortable with Clooney's approach to marriage, saying, ‘I could never be with someone who every time he opens his mouth says he doesn’t want a child with me or to marry me. My boyfriend has not given an interview on his private life since 1999 – everything that you read is just a rehash of stuff that has been written in the past.’

A source close to Clooney, the 'eternal/confirmed bachelor' said, ‘Elisabetta is a traditional girl and wanted the fairytale. But George has never made a secret of his feelings and he wanted things to continue as they were.’

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