Allen's anger at TV doc

Yesterday, we reported that Lily Allen had given a revealing interview to Channel 4 as part of a documentary to publicise her vintage boutique, 'Lucy in Disguise.' Lily spoke openly about her eating disorder and miscarriage, a move which she clearly now regrets, as she has told fans not to watch the documentary, and is 'embarrassed' to have taken part in the project.

Allen tweeted 'Just a couple of things, some of you may have read about a TV show called Riches to Rags (title not my idea) airing on Tuesday next week. We started filming it a year ago and I feel like a completely different person from the one that features in the programme. I'm inclined to ask you not to watch it cause quite frankly I am embarrassed. On the other hand I want you all to watch it so you can see how the press coverage of it has been totally sensationalised and quotes taken out of context.'

Lily continued, 'I should probably know better than to write this here but I feel it’s the only place that my words don't get minced. That is all...it was meant to be a show about sisters starting a business. I think I may have been a little naïve.'

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