All the gory details

Unless you had your head buried in the sand, or in a good book, you would have realised that yesterday was Halloween - an excuse for all celebs to get dressed up in sexy outfits with 'blood' based accessories.

And this year's crop of show-offs didn't disappoint; we had Denise Van Outen in the eye-catching, but not especially imaginative costume of 'cheerleader caught up in a battle with a zombie', while Jimmy Carr dressed as a Stormtrooper, and Jarvis Cocker, well, we're not entirely sure what he was thinking. But he looked weird, which we're sure was the point.

Jonathan Ross held the usual entirely OTT bash for the whole of Hampstead, inviting celebs and children alike to eat pumpkin shaped cakes. Ross's wife, Jane Goldman recently spoke about the efforts that the starry pair go to for Halloween, 'Because we always get all the kids from the neighbourhood, and now it seems actually most of north London. The only thing is, because our house is decorated for Halloween, we're always the ones who get the entire community come round for trick-or-treat. So we tend to focus a lot on trying to make it nice and fun for them because a few people have come from quite far away to trick-or-treat at our house. So we try to make it worthwhile for them by making the front of our house look good and scary and making sure we've got plenty of sweets and Krispy Kremes and chocolates for them and hire an entertainer.'

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