All Saints open up on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man

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The 90’s were when the women took over the stage in groups and were proud of it. Some of the leading bands in the 90’s were TLC, En Vogue, Destiny’s Child, Girls Aloud, Sugababes, Spice Girls and of course All Saints. While they all have since split and gone their separate ways, All Saints have reunited once again. They opened up to Alan Carr about the past and present.

A little history though of where they have started and what they have been through. This English-Canadian girl group was initially formed in 1993 and were called All Saints The band included Mel Blatt, Shaznay Lewis and Simone Rainford. Simone eventually split and Nicole and Natalie Appleton took her spot. In 2001 though the band split.

During the split each of the women were busy doing their own work. Melanie was the first to release solo material and worked with Artful Dodger in 2001. She also split from her daughter’s father, Stuart Zender in 2006. In 2008 she won Specsavers “Celebrity Spectacle Wearer of the Year” and then went on to work on X-factor in New Zealand.

Natalie Appleton and Nicole Appleton joined forces and formed their duo Appleton. They had a few hits together such as “Fantasy” and “Don’t worry” but then split after their final single “Everything Eventually” flopped. Natalie went on to appear on I’m a Celebrity in 2004 and Nicole began a relationship with Liam Gallagher in 2000 but split in 2013.

Shaznay Lewis appeared on Bend it like Beckham in 2001 next to Keira Knightley. She also had her solo album “Open”, wrote Westlife’s “Reach Out” and married dancer Christian ‘storm’ Horsfall.

The group reunited in 2006 for their third album, “Studio 1”. They had the single “Rock Steady” which didn’t do so well in the charts. They eventually split again in 2009. While on Alan Carr’s show, Mel Blatt explains that “we just weren’t really getting on any more and we kind of hated each other so we just thought, f**k it, let’s stop.” Nicole states that they “were just hungover so we would just fight.”

Blatt goes on to say though that since they have reunited in 2014 “It’s amazing. It’s just heart-eyes everywhere. Love. We just have the best time.” Their debut single “One Strike” has so far been successful. They have been working on their fourth album Red Flag which is due to release on April 8th.

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