All filler no killer

When it comes to reviewing British telly, the only person to (somewhat ironically) take seriously, is the man who watches nearly every single show ever broadcast...the always wonderful Harry Hill.

While the X-Factor gets all the ITV attention (that’s PR folks) lots of people can’t stand it, whilst the show that’s tasked with warming-up the reality show ‘TV Burp’ is a true family friendly prime-time telly, genuinely loved by everyone. Harry Hill though, showed a darker side today (1 Dec) when he appeared on Richard Bacon’s BBC 5 Live radio show, asked what he thought about the current state of British telly, he went straight for the jugular of BBC3 saying it’s all ‘all filler, and no killer’, ‘BBC1 has become more like ITV, BBC2 has become more like BBC1, BBC4 is good but that’s more like BBC2 was and BBC3, well that’s like Channel 5’, adding, ‘it’s dumbing down...I’m just saying I don’t think my money [the license fee] should be paying for shows [on BBC3] like Freaky Eaters’.

Can’t argue with that.

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