A-listers in a spin over Royal visit

After the pomp, circumstance, and two billion Royal wedding viewers worldwide, Will and Kate are the new Brangelina, albeit Brad and Angie if they shopped at Boden and Cath Kidston. And now the pair are heading off to Hollywood. According to reports, A-listers are in a tizz over who will be invited to meet them; Vicky Beckham is even scheduling in an early Caesarean in order to attend the bash...

A source told The Daily Mail, 'If you don’t get invited you will have to leave town to avoid humiliation. There hasn’t been excitement like this about a trip since the days of Princess Di.’

The chatty source continued, 'The Royal visit is the talk of Hollywood. The deal is that several stars and organisations have been asked to put forward proposals for charity events and galas. William and Kate will go through all the options and it will be down to them to pick what they want to do.’

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