Alison Mosshart uppercuts Kate Moss

Not long ago Alison Mosshart struck at the heart of Kate Moss' loyal army by trying to steal her friends. Well now The Kills frontwoman has delivered a killer punch, succinctly confirming that a Kills-Kate musical collaboration (something Moss has long hankered after) will never happen. That's not ever.

Mosshart told the Daily Mail that the idea of letting the clotheshorse loose on a Kills track would be 'totally inappropriate,' adding; 'I don't know how she (Kate) thinks it would be appropriate.' Ouch.

Mosshart also denied Jamie Hince's relationship with the celebrity groupie has come between them. "No, nothing between us has changed. We've known each other for 12 years, we're best friends. Of course not. I don't see how we could possibly be any closer! We spend 24 hours a day together most of the time and we have done so for the past billion years, it seems like.'

And on rumours that Hince has moved in with Kate: 'We own an art space that we live in, but he doesn't sleep there as often as he used to. But yes, we are still flatmates." In your face Kate! Should she have stuck with Pete Doherty where at least her chances of becoming a rock star were a tad less bleak?

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