Alison Mosshart destroys Moss's inner circle

What's the best way to conquer a powerful enemy? Well, if you're anything like Alison Mosshart, divide and rule should do it.

Mosshart has realised that the only way to really go for arch enemy Kate Moss's jugular is to strike at the heart of her army. As such Mosshart has struck up a new BFShip with two of Moss's most influential friends and advisors : Bobby Gilespie of Primal Scream and Kate's BFF and hairdresser, James Brown.

Alison turned up to the launch of of Primal Scream's Beautiful Future album launch with one on each arm. Reports suggest the Moss inner circle heavyweights then fawned over The Kills frontwoman all night long, with Brown even inviting her to "just call us any time you want to go out." (The Mirror) Jamie Hince meanwhile has jetted to Spain for a last ditch begging session with Kate. She's toying with the idea of terminating their relationship for good after becoming fed up with the third spoke in the their wheel - Alison Mosshart.

There's been a long running feud between Alison and Kate. Alison often bemoans the fact that Jamie spends all his time running about after Kate instead of concentrating his energies on her and the band. She banned Moss from getting up on stage and having a bit of a sing song with The Kills (a privilege Moss had often enjoyed with Pete Doherty) but was forced to endure Kate singing Right Said Fred tune 'I'm Too Sexy' at Glastonbury while her nemesis looked her right in the eye.

Mosshart's latest designs on Kate's inner circle heavyweights is as clear a signal as a cat spraying her territory. Stay away from my bandmember, or I will splinter your ranks. Is La Moss's empire about to crumble? Check out Kate creeping on stage with Babyshambles and then running away.

Photo taken from Bethrz's Flickr stream

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