Alexa's off to the big apple

Alexa Chung is moving to New York following her split with Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys. The indie style leader has been given a new show to host, called 24 hour catwalk, which should give her a shove towards stardom after her last piece of work for the Americans, MTV's 'It's on with Alexa Chung' failed to set the ratings alight.

Dave Berry, who co-hosted the iTunes festival with Alexa, and helped her out by interviewing Alex Turner in the style maven's place to save any blushes, told The Mirror, 'Alexa didn’t want to do it because she felt awkward. He told her I was ‘all right’. She said that’s high praise as he’s only ever said it about three people! There was a photo that looked like we were kissing,. We weren’t but all I could think was ‘Alex, you’re a beautiful musician! I don’t want to ruin your relationship!’' After their split, a friend revealed, 'They really wanted to give it a go to hold it together and seemed to be getting back on track – but things got bad again and they both decided enough was enough. They want to stay friends so it’s best to split now. They’ve been through a lot together and all their friends are sad they’ve called time as a couple.'

We're sure Alexa and Alex aren't particularly worried about staying on the market for long, they're bound to get snapped up by some lusty hipsters.

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