Alexa and Alex call it quits

They were the indie Barbie and Ken, that every teenage indie type swooned over and idolised. But alas, Alexa Chung and Alex Turner have parted ways after four years (a lifetime in celeb-land) of merry making. According to reports, the split was blamed on their busy careers. Alex is about to embark on a six-month long world tour with the Arctic Monkeys, while Alexa...hmmm, well, perhaps being a style icon is a full time job. We imagine she spends most of the day planning the next outfit choice which will spawn a million imitations in Topshop.

A friend of the pair told The Daily Mail, 'Alexa has moved all her stuff out and is concentrating on getting her American TV career back on track. Alex has gigs in America next month, but none of them are on the East Coast. Then he is planning a UK tour. They are very busy and have grown apart, but want to keep the news quiet.' While Alexa's spokesperson told the paper, 'Sadly Alexa and Alex have split, although they remain close.'

And things are set to get even more awkward, with news that Alexa will interview Alex at next month's rock festivals. Keep it polite, guys!

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