Alex Reid says he's a trisexual

Oh dear, you heard him. Not content with bearing the celebrity sexual stamp of choice - that's bisexual (and quite frankly, who isn't?) Alex Reid has announced he's trisexual, even if noone quite knows what that means. Men, women and transvestites - i.e men, women and more men? Men, women and glamour models? Men, women and er, we didn't want to go there, but since he brought it up, animals? Barf.

Thankfully not. A quick look on Wiki will tell you that 'tri-sexual' means someone who will 'tri' (geddit?) anything in the bedroom department once. In fact when quizzed about his sexuality, Alex told Big Brother: 'as long as you're not hurting anyone....' (anything goes.)

Well, sorry, but Alex's mixed bag of housemates didn't take too kindly to his admission. Vinnie Jones put on a very grim face and delivered a killer punch: 'No-one would want to be in a movie with you at the moment - no-one would want to be associated with you.' (Sorry Vinnie, we're not sure they ever did). 'If you offered me five million dollars to be in a movie with you, I wouldn't take it.'

Great. Some good has come out of this story then....

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