Alex Reid: My family are 'gutted'

Most mothers would be overjoyed if their precious son announced they were marrying super mum and feminist Katie Price, wouldn't they? Well, according to The Sunday Mirror, not Alex Reid's. The cagefighter has admitted that his family were 'gutted' when he told them the happy news.

Alex told The Mirror, 'The wedding was whirlwind and a bit of a surprise, Katie planned it all. My mum and dad - my whole family in fact - were a bit gutted. I managed to tell my mum in a quick call just minutes before, but no one else. I didn't get married for them, anyway. I got married for me - to make Alex Reid happy.'

While we're concerned that the Reids were not overjoyed at the wonderful news, we're more worried about the fact that Alex 'new James Bond' Reid has started referring to himself in the third person...

But Alex's parents weren't the only 'gutted' protagonists in the the fairytale; Jordan herself was unhappy at reports her ring only cost a paltry two thousand pounds.

'The stories saying that the ring I bought Katie only cost £2,200 caused me a lot of trouble. She hit the roof. I can't say how much I paid but it's more like £60,000. You only get married once, don't you?'

Er, not if you're Katie Price.

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