Alex Reid dumped over dress sense

We’ve heard some preposterious claims in our time, but not many as outright ridiculous as the idea that Katie Price dumped Alex Reid because of the way he dressed. The Sun is claiming that she dumped her soon-to-be-ex-hubby because he dressed ‘like a 50-year-old bouncer’ because of something she said on TV. Surely they should know by now that she’ll say anything on telly if it means attention?

The glamour model, AKA Jordan, was filmed having a go at Reid’s dress sense in her new Sky Living show - called Katie - which starts tonight. In it, they are filmed wrapping Christmas presents while she lets rip at Reid, saying he lost the spark he’d had before. One might think that there were more serious problems than clothing that would end a marriage, but apprently not.

‘When I met you, you was tanned, you done your hair,’ she said. ‘Now you're dressing like a college boy. Alex, when I met you, you spiked your hair, now you wear it to the side. I don't like the clothes you've been styled in. I like the Alex I met in the casual stuff.

‘You're dressing like a 50-year-old, and even a 50-year-old these days don't dress like that. You look white - gaunt. You haven't got that spark you used to have.’

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