Alex Reid crossdresser mystery

Yesterday The Sun made an allegation that hard man Alex Reid liked to dress up as a woman and call himself Roxanne, in what must have been one of the weirdest celebrity stories of the last year or so. In an even weirder twist, Alex Reid has since gone bananas, claiming that the story is a load of old nonsense and that his own girlfriend Katie Price circulated the story as a publicity stunt.

‘This is Katie messing around. It looks really sleazy and is incredibly frustrating for Alex,’ said a spokesman for Reid. ‘This has made Alex question what sort of woman he's with.

'He feels he's being used as a pawn in her game to get rich and famous. She is off plugging her books everywhere and now she's making up ludicrous stories about Alex to get even more publicity. He doesn't know how long he can take it.

What’s even odder is that they’re dealing with the story through their people, with neither Reid nor Price coming out and saying anything themselves. This leads to two PRs having a bedroom squabble through the press in a most bizarre fashion. Take a look at the response from Jordan’s ‘people’.

‘I understand Alex has dressed up as a woman. Roxanne is the name he uses, like Barry Humphries uses Dame Edna Everage. There's a shock element to it but Katie lives with it.’

Something really doesn’t add up here. Why would Price circulate a story (whether true or not) about her own boyfriend when it’s clear he’s not very happy about it? As an aside, Price has been meeting with her marketing people to discuss strategy for her books. Probably just a coincidence.

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